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AquOm Water LLC is an American manufacturer of a powerful range of all-natural, organic, non-toxic, bio-mimetic  products for the cost effective reduction of nutrients in foul water.

The company launched with proprietary, spray applied, blends of geo-polymers and bio-polymers for the rapid reduction of nitrogen, ammonia, phosphorous, and other inorganic nutrients.


AquOm Water products are now used inline, or spray applied topically, to bring a new standard of "nutrient reduction" to freshwater, irrigation water, aquaculture, and wastewater of all types.

NOTE: AquOm Water products are not registered with the EPA as pesticides, are not intended for use as pesticides, and the company makes no claims with respect to reducing, controlling, or managing plants or algae.

Keith Ervin, founder and chief scientist, developed AquOm technology to restore health to water - naturally, non-thermally, cost effectively, and at massive scale. Glen Finkel and Tony Myers, co-founders, bring decades of experience in commercializing advances in cleantech.





AquOm Water Geo-Bio solutions are all-natural, easy to use, fast acting, and cost effective solutions that bond to nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphorous in freshwater lakes, ponds and canals.


Distillery, Industrial, or Municipal wastewater treatment is measurably healthier with inline dosing of AquOm's  all-natural geo-polymers and bio-polymers.


Shrimp, salmon, or abalone farming - any aquaculture can be enhanced with AquOm's all natural products for nutrient reduction and water clarification.


AquOm Water products are used to clean and remove nitrogen, phosphorous and ammonia from irrigation ponds and canals

Landfill Leachate

Landfill Leachate contains a variety of toxic and hard to remove contaminants, many of which are safely and effectively removed by the AquOm geo-bio treatment system.



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AquOm Water technology is a balanced, all-natural approach to attracting and binding up nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphorous to facilitate the process of clarifying water systems.


In addition to binding to nutrients, AquOm Water products reduce suspended solids (turbidity) as a whole. This is an important function for allowing aquatic plants and organism's to receive light in order to perform their natural functions

Similarly, in flow through in-line water treatment systems, the opposing charge states of the AquOm Water geo and bio polymers serve to safely and fully capture, coagulate, isolate, and remove unwanted solids and contaminants.

Blue Chemistry™ powers AquOm Water


Blue Chemistry™ is a revolutionary, nature-based, bio-mimetic approach to chemistry developed by Keith Ervin, co-founder and chief science officer of AquOm Sciences.

Blue Chemistry™ goes beyond Green Chemistry to help us return to Blue Skies and Blue Water!

Blue Chemistry™ is a proprietary and  synergistic blending of critical earth elements; informed by a deep and holistic understanding of physics, biology, chemistry, ecology, hydrology, soil science, medicine, data science.

Blue Chemistry™

  • does not synthesize molecules or manipulate atoms.

  • formulates with all-natural,100% organic, cost effective, earth and marine elements

  • ingredients have been individually and scientifically studied for decades for their remarkable properties and environmental benefits

Blue Chemistry™ cost effectively reverses pollution and heals the environment by “helping nature restore balance”.

Carbon negative, end-use applications powered by Blue Chemistry™ include bio-regenerative:

  • water treatments

  • soil amendments

  • feed supplements

  • building materials

  • cleaning solutions, and

  • health products.

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